Specialized protective gears & 3d Mask

We are the pioneer in the manufacturing of 3d mask and selling of high-quality protective equipment for you and the health workers! Our products are checked and approved by the healthcare authorities to ensure 100% safety of the devices. Get the best safety solutions here, starting from the most basic to the most specialized needs. Surgile offers medical health kits to everyone looking for safety against the deadly & infectious virus.


Headquartered in Delhi, India, Surgile is providing the best medical kits online during the tough times of combating the viruses. Our kits are meant for hospitals, paramedical staff, doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, and common individuals looking to safeguard themselves from the vicious pandemic. We are ensuring that there is no shortage of PPE kits, 3d masks, and protective shields needed to encounter patients in the healthcare facility or even going out for personal work.

Hello Folks – Your Heath Safety and Protection Means All For us!

At Surgile, we are applying science in collaborative ways to improve our daily lives. We provide medical kits in the region and across the world to maintain readiness and professional safety with cost-effective solutions. All our healthcare kits are checked and approved by the medical boards dealing with the safety of the kits.


We are never short of PPE kits and 3d mask in our store to help healthcare professionals and individuals to protect themselves from the virus attack. We assist with cost-effective management of the complexities around medical readiness, patient safety, and compliance.

Smart Automation

Save your time and money, freeing yourself from the worry of getting the best medical kits for your institution. We remove the headache of staying up to date and compliant. Order online and get the kits in a quick time.


We provide peace of mind for medical staff and individuals. Rest assured that you are using the best protective shield to fight the pandemic battle. You’ll be ready to help save a life wearing the medical kits when every second count.


We are committed to providing the best protective kits or Personal Protective Equipment or PPE kits to the healthcare specialists. The protective masks provided by us has 3 layers of protection that prevent you from being contaminated by the virus.

One of the most common questions asked most frequently at Surgile in regards to PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and 3d Mask are “why to buy the kits and packs from you?” We are straight-forward and transparent in our answer to all –

  • We follow the global standards in the manufacturing and quality check of the safety gear.
  • We stock a large number of safety kits including all-in-one protective coveralls, face masks, and gloves as separate items.
  • All the kits and equipment at our store are sent for delivery after safety checks.
  • All items are fully compatible and there is less temptation to improvise.
  • The PPE packs and kits are provided with clear instructions to ensure the correct use of the items.

The PPE kits and masks offer several obvious advantages like all items kept securely together in a sealed case and the kits can be hung on a wall-mounted bracket in the key location. We have built our trust on the effective results and reviews of customers with the use of the kits & its effectiveness. Till now, we have zero complaints about the quality of the kits and thus we are more confident in delivering the best quality kits using advanced technology.



3d Mask & 3 ply Masks.

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Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

The kits are designed and manufactured to shield healthcare workers and professionals against attack from the virus. The same kit protects against other contagious viruses, bacteria, and infections. The kits are nothing but protective gear to safeguard your health by minimizing the exposure of the body to hazardous biological agents.


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