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Common Mistakes While Using Face Masks 6

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, wearing a mask in public spaces or outdoors has become a common norm in most countries including India. For some people, wearing a mask is a secondary issue. 

To help everyone adjust to the new normal, surgical mask are being manufactured on a large scale basis. The use of clinical-grade masks cuts down the transmission of this deadly ailment. 

The surgical masks bring down the severity of the ailment if the person contracts COVID 19. As per a research paper provided by The Royal Society, wearing surgical face masks reduces the transmission of this deadly virus. Here are 4 common mistakes a person makes while wearing a mask outdoors. 

Wearing the face mask incorrectly 

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Like clothes, face masks also come in different shapes and sizes. The masks should completely cover the nose and mouth of the individual. The mask should extend below the chin of the individual. 

The mask should not be under your nose or chin. The purpose is to breathe through the mask for maximum protection. The mask should not expose your mouth and nose. 

Sloppy-fitting face masks will make you touch your face and nose frequently to adjust it and increase the chance of infection. There should not be any gaps between the masks. 

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Assuming that face masks are dangerous

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Despite directives provided by the medical community and WHO (World Health Organization) for the necessary use of face masks, there are still some people who are convinced that wearing a face mask can hamper their health or lead to dangerous ailments.

Surgical masks mainly serve two purposes – 

  1. Protection from Coronavirus – Face masks help you to avoid inhaling/exhaling virus particles. They reduce the chance of contracting this deadly virus.  Wearing a mask reduces the risks of COVID 19. 

 Most of the patients are asymptomatic (not aware of the virus infection) and wearing a mask limits the virus spread. 

  1. COVID 19 infection – if someone is infected with the mentioned deadly ailment, wearing surgical masks reduces the chance of virus spread. 

Putting/removing the mask in a wrong way

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Clean your hands before you put the mask on your face. Wash them thoroughly with soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer. While wearing or removing the face mask, touch the ear loops only. Surgical face masks are for only one-time use only. 

A face mask should be changed or disinfected every two hours. After removing the mask, immediately wash your hands. If you are using a fabric mask then wash it with warm water and detergent after use. 

Being absent-minded while going outdoors or removing the mask soon 

Place your mask indoors before you plan to go out to minimize contact with airborne particles. 

Do not remove your mask when you are in a crowd or meeting people. Along with face masks, maintain social distancing and basic hygiene. 

If you are using a fabric mask then do not toss it here and there. Prepare a designated clean space to keep the face masks.

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