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The pandemic has created several challenges for the economy, especially for the business sector (manufacturing & service-based industries) Work from the home initiative has delivered a major relief for both the employees and the employers but now businesses are looking to reopen. 

Creating a safe workplace is the priority for business owners as the step will enforce confidence among the employees during these tough times.  Create a blueprint for creating a safe indoor for the employees and maintaining safe conditions for smooth operations. 

Make sure your business facility is properly disinfected and the employees maintain the safety protocols such as maintaining social distancing, wearing face masks to works and washing their hands from time to time. 

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How COVID 19 outbreak has affected the workplaces?


The impact of the pandemic was huge and employers mostly from the service sectors relied on remote access of the employees (Work from Home) for daily productivity. 

The pandemic also has a technological move as personal or business meetings were replaced by e-mails, chat sessions, and online meeting sessions. The dependency on office space became insignificant for the time frame.

The standard concept of 9 to 5 became flexible was considered as a desirable change during the turbulent times. Employers could communicate with the workers online or over the phone easily. Remote working became a lifeline for many business hubs (service sectors) and employees.

In the coming months when the offices start to open, on-job medical screening such as antibody tests and temperature checks will become a reality for many business houses. 

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Preventive measures to create a safe workplace


All employees should implement good hygiene habits like frequent washing of hands and maintain social distancing. Ethyl-based sanitizers are to be provided to the workers where soap and water are not available immediately. 

Encourage respiratory etiquettes among employees. Inform employees to cover their nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing. Use of surgical mask should be made essential inside the office premises.

Regular housekeeping is a must including routine disinfecting of work desks, equipment, and other work-related elements. When bringing an office laptop home, clean and disinfect it before using it.

Strong communication among employees and the management keeps both informed about the important changes and issues. This exercise keeps the employee’s sentiment strong and motivated.

If you are meeting a person for some essential task, make sure social distancing is maintained from the other person. Wear a face mask to keep yourself protected. Social distancing needs to be maintained in common eating areas also.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth area with unwashed hands. Frequently wash your hands with soap or 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Encourage employees to stay home if they are sick or show symptoms of COVID 19. 

Minimize contact among employees, management, and clients with the help of virtual communication systems (Zoom, Skype, etc.) Post handwashing, use of face mask, and social distancing signs inside office premises, common area, meeting rooms, and cafeteria premises.

Promote the use of NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Health) approved face masks among the employees and the management. 

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