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The virologist nowadays hopes that the COVID 19 pandemic will soon change its status to endemic, which generally means that now the general masses have to live with it. The contagion is not going to disappear anywhere soon.

As we are heading towards the third year of the pandemic, medical experts do agree that the virus is mutating continuously and it’s not going to leave anytime sooner. The scientists are working day and night to find the cure for this dangerous outbreak. The virus is going to lose the “pandemic” tag soon as the global vaccination drive is going on in many countries.

The contagion is now more seasonal and thanks to disposable face masks, social distancing, washing hands, and other prevention strategies, the numbers of the infected have reduced. From 2019, when the contagion was reported in Wuhan, China, the virus became more widespread and has cases worldwide. The outbreak was sudden and it took time to find the cure for this contagion.



It is said that if the contagion has spread across countries and continents then it is known as a pandemic. It is said that the “P” stands for passport and the virus travels to many countries.

Pandemics are generally caused due to new types of pathogens or viruses. The contagion can get transmitted from animals to humans. The large population gets as the disease is new and the medication is yet to be created.

The outbreak can cause a sudden rise in the number of cases and the spread is rapid. A pandemic causes large-scale disturbance and hardships. The economy of a country or continent goes into a plunge.

Lockdowns are implemented and infected people are advised to be quarantined. The way to control the spread of this deadly contagion is through the use of face masks, social distancing, and regular hygiene.


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A virus that has mutated itself from time to time and now it’s going to occur at many intervals in many parts of the world and people getting infected will be a constant figure.

The availability of disposable face masks and the development of COVID 19 vaccines come as a transitioning phase of endemic. Difficult times have heightened the importance of face masks and vaccination.

By developing booster doses and finding more treatment options, the deadly contagion is somehow getting contained and not spreading out of control.

Endemic generally means that the contagion is out there in the world and now we have to learn to live with it. There is no chance that it will disappear anytime soon.

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