Pandemic has made us more aware to be safe from dirt and stay hygienic. The danger is far from over yet and we need to keep the guards up to prevent any kind of mishap. Use surgical face masks all the time when outside so that you do not return with virus infection in your body. The face mask is one of the most vital protection kits that can prevent the spread of contamination.

It is important to recognize that the optimal way to prevent airborne transmission is to use a combination of interventions from across the hierarchy of controls, not just PPE alone. Surgical masks are one of the best things that can protect you from any attack. The virus is attacking mainly through the respiratory system and thus the first thing needs to be preventing the inhalation of the virus in our lungs. The face mask does the job brilliantly.

But there are multiple kinds of face masks available in the market. Be smart and use only surgical masks as it has multiple qualities. Medical experts too suggest using the surgical masks for all times and dispose of it easily after a few uses.

Here are the essential qualities of a good surgical mask –

Sewn or not sewn

When used in an effective manner, both sewn and non-sewn provides the desired protection. A surgical mask can be sewn or non-sewn as per the need. If in a hurry, a non-sewn mask is also effective.


The surgical masks are made with two layers of tightly-woven fabric. The surgical masks having a high thread count can be selected as per the need as it keeps you from inhaling the respiratory droplets while still allowing comfortable breathing.


The surgical masks are the best ones to fit in most effectively out in the public. Also, the masks can be worn for a longer time than other masks. Breathing is comfortable in the masks even for aged people.


The masks are much less costly than other types of masks having a filter. These are disposable masks that need not be used after a few times.

Make sure you have your surgical mask ready every time you are planning to go out. Stay safe and keep your family face by taking the necessary protection against virus attacks. Buy the surgical masks in abundance so that you can use it any time needed to visit the outside world.

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