Face Masks Reduce the Spread of COVID 19 1 1
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As the surge of Coronavirus started in the year 2020, the population faced many challenges in both developed and developing countries. Governments across the globe imposed physical and social distancing to save their citizens from this harmful virus.

Masks (both surgical and disposable) are used to prevent the spread of contagion. Surgical masks are mostly worn by healthcare officials to protect them against nasal droplets or spray of the patients.

COVID-19 is dangerous and spreads via droplets from nasal and mouth passages and a face mask is essential for first responders who play an important role in taking care of sick people and at the same time working day and night to control the spread.

To lower the risk of contamination among the masses, targeted interventions by the government were maintained in support to promote mask-wearings. By providing information and distribution of free masks, the protective cover increased by 45% among the general masses.

Surgical vs. cloth masks

Face Masks Reduce the Spread of COVID 19 1

According to rigorous testing done by health labs, it is seen that surgical masks come with better filtration than masks made of cloths.

But in case, surgical masks are less in number than disposable masks or masks made of cloth can be promoted as an alternative. These products are cheap and are available easily. Cloth masks are readily available and come with different fibers. But, the best way to prevent contamination is selecting disposable masks over cloth-made ones. 

Disposable masks are easy to use protect the individual from the reach of the virus. High-quality and good-fit disposable masks provide the best protection against COVID-19 and the latest variants.

Places where face masks are required

First responders (healthcare officials) attending patients with respiratory infections.


Office and retail setting.

Restaurants and food service joints.

Places of social gathering (parks, gyms, etc.)

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