Have Trouble Wearing a Face Mask Here Are Some Tips
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Wearing a face mask can indeed be annoying or uncomfortable sometimes. Covering one’s face has become a mandatory practice during the pandemic period. 

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A report provided by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has recommended that community use of face masks prevents the spread of Coronavirus. Face masks are serving as a safety measure and in many places, it has also become a fashionable element. Disposable face masks capture the droplets containing the virus and prevent the spread. 

For some people wearing a mask and breathing easily can be a complex task. People with sensory insensitivities can find the ear loops of the disposable face mask itchy for an extended period. It becomes a struggle for some people who are suffering from breathing issues to wear masks for a prolonged period

Here are some ideas that can help you to breathe easily with disposable face masks.

If covering your face with a disposable mask makes you feel uncomfortable, then there are two explanations. Either you are wearing your mask in the wrong way or you might have a respiratory condition. Consult a physician and get routine treatment.

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Breathing exercises


Practicing simple breathing exercises can help you feel more confident and comfortable about your breathing pattern. Practice nose breathing exercises such as slow breathing, stomach breathing, to develop healthy respiration. 

Take a break

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If you are feeling uncomfortable wearing a face mask as it is troubling, take short breaks to relax and get your breath back. Do a few inhaling exercises to reset. 

Reach out for a health professional


Physicians can help individuals with sensory issues. They can find a way to relieve you from the discomfort of wearing a mask. Health professionals help people to identify strategies to support wearing masks and being comfortable. 

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How to wear masks comfortably?

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Remember when you are going outside or present in public indoors, wearing a face mask is mandatory as it keeps you away from harm’s way. Here are some key points to wearing a face mask properly. 

  • Wash and sanitize your hands before touching your hands
  • Hold the face mask by the sides (ear loops) before putting it on.
  • Your mouth and nose should be fully covered by the face mask.
  • There should be no gaps when the mask is on your face.
  • It is not recommended to touch the front of the face mask.
  • Face masks do keep you safe but also maintain social distancing about 6-feet.
  • If you are using a disposable mask then discard it properly after use.

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