How to Stay Healthy at the Time of Pandemic 1
How to Stay Healthy at the Time of Pandemic 5

It is now more than two years into the COVID 19 pandemic and things started to improve upon the advent of disposable face masks and the vaccination process. But the pandemic is not over yet, we need to take precautions all the time to stay safe from the virus.

It is seen that the practice of wearing masks has prevented the transmission of the virus by 75%. The virus generally spreads through respiratory droplets from person to person. It is also found that the virus spreads by asymptomatic people.

Types of masks

Types of masks
How to Stay Healthy at the Time of Pandemic 6

Medical mask

A medical mask is worn to protect others if you have COVID 19 symptoms. If a person is infected and there is a high risk of contamination involved then medical masks are required. N95 and KN95 are some of the examples of medical masks available in the market.

Non-Medical masks (Face coverings or made of fabric)

Sometimes, there can be a shortfall of medical masks in the medical stores. Disposable face masks or fabric ones are a favorable choice when going outside of your home. 

Face shields (optional)

They help to provide eye protection. They are not the same as face masks but act as an alternative to people suffering from respiratory ailments. 

Benefits of wearing a mask

Generally, the virus spreads through respiratory droplets when someone sneezes or talks. It is also mandatory that people maintain at least 6 feet distance (social distancing) from each other to stop the spread of this harmful contagion. The use of face masks has intensified recently with the outbreak of the pandemic.

Face masks protect you

Face masks protect you

General medical studies have revealed that face masks have reduced the spread of the virus by 25% as you are less exposed to the outdoors. Face masks help you to protect yourself from infection and cover your nose and mouth.

It helps to block the virus spread and everyone benefits from it. It prevents respiratory droplets from traveling in the air. You can find disposable face masks at major retailers and pharmacies.

A face mask is safe for children

According to WHO (World Health Organization), children aged 6-11 years old should use face masks based on the following – 

  • Whether the contagion is widespread in the area
  • Adult supervision is a must when the child (he or she) is going outside.
  • Make sure the face mask is of the right size and covers most of the face.
  • Face masks should not be shared.

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