In 2022, the pandemic is trying to show its ugly face again under the pretext of the Omicron XE variant. In India, there are minimal cases found in Maharashtra and Gujarat for now and precautions are necessary to keep ourselves safe and secure. Disposable face masks, according to experts, help to inhibit the spread of COVID-19. When a person infected with this virus wears a face mask, their chances of infecting others decrease. When you’re around someone who has COVID-19, you can also benefit from wearing a disposable face mask.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, disposable face masks became a part of our daily lives, and now that winter has arrived, many people are beginning to understand the benefits of continuing to use them. Face masks not only assist to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 indoors and in crowded settings, but they also protect those around us safe if we have common colds.

Where to use face masks?

When you’re at home, you don’t need to wear face masks. However, when you leave the house for work or to acquire necessities, don’t forget to put on a face mask. A face mask is a must-have item in any PPE kit. The PPE Kits and disposable face masks from Surgile cover the entire body and face, reducing the chance of contracting any virus, germ, or bacteria. This PPE package (PPE kits, face masks) is comprised of non-absorbent, high-quality fabrics that keep blood, water, and chemicals out.

Steps of wearing face masks 

  • First of all, inspect if there is any defect inside or the outer layers of the mask. 
  • Clean your hands before touching the masks.
  • Adjust the mask on your face without leaving any gaps or sides. 
  • Fully cover your mouth and chin. 

It’s time to make sure your mask fits properly now that you’ve picked which mask and material are appropriate for you. To function properly, face masks must be well-fitting. Masks with gaps adjacent to your face are less protective by over 60%. Bandanas and handkerchiefs with a loose fit aren’t particularly useful in this situation. Face masks that fit snugly against your face are the most effective. From your nose to your chin, they should be covered. The less air that escapes or enters while letting you breathe normally, the more COVID-19 protection you’ll receive.

Always keep in mind that we must take all essential precautions to keep our family safe and to keep our medical facilities from becoming overburdened. Face masks are a simple action we may take in this scenario to ensure we’re decreasing the danger of infection. To prevent spreading misinformation or alarm, please rely on verified sources such as the WHO for additional concerns. We are all more powerful when we work together.

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