Mandatory Mask Use is Rapidly Becoming a Global Trend
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Since the onset of COVID 19, Disposable face masks have become a necessity in our daily lifestyle. Wearing a face mask helps to control the spread of the virus outdoors and indoor public spaces.

All countries have accepted the merits of wearing a face mask. The views of the first responders and health advisors were taken into consideration and the higher officers. The decision was taken was in favor of the mandatory use of face masks.

People across the world are now wearing face masks (disposable or cloth made) when they are going outdoors. The advent of the pandemic has normalized the use of face masks.

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Places where wearing a face mask is required

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  • Public transport – Buses, trains, trams, and boat ferries.
  • Railway stations 
  • Bus stations
  • Airports
  • Sports stadiums and entertainment arenas
  • Contact-based industries  – Message parlors, hair salons, and beauty parlors.
  • Educational institutions – Schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Busy outdoors – Markets and shopping streets.
  • Workplaces and manufacturing hubs.
  • Entertainment hubs – Shopping malls, multiplexes, and restaurants
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, clinics, and medicine stores.
  • Religious places and community centers.

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Countries that have mandatory rules regarding the use of face masks

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In an attempt to curb the spread of Corona-virus, many countries have made the use of face masks mandatory in public. From free masks to imposing fines, a variety of precautionary measures have been taken in different countries to control the spread of the virus.

Venezuela was one of the first countries to impose mandatory use of face masks in public indoors and outdoors.

The Czech Republic also made face masks mandatory in supermarkets, pharmacies, and public transport. South Korea also made it mandatory for its citizens to wear face masks when going outside or using public transportation.

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Countries like Colombia and Austria have made face masks mandatory in public places. Even Chilean President Sebastian Pinera was fined due to non-compliance with COVID protocols. Wearing a face mask is also mandatory in Honduras.

Mediterranean countries like UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Saudi Arabia maintains strict norms regarding COVID protocols.

Countries like India, South Africa, Chile, and Morocco had also imposed severe fines for citizens flouting COVID protocols.

There are even jail terms announced in countries like Kuwait and Qatar if COVID protocols are flouted. 

Many countries have launched media campaigns through social media as well as televised mediums to encourage the use of disposable face masks.

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