Mask Mandates: The Benefits of Disposable Face Masks
Surgile Mask

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the vulnerability of mankind against the spread of a harmful virus. The medical bodies of different countries with evidence have suggested the use of face masks (disposable, surgical, fabric, etc.) can save millions of lives by reducing the percentage of virus transmission by 85%. It is the most effective tool available to mitigate the spread of the virus.

As per a poll report published by AP (Associated Press) three out of four Americans support the use of face coverings when they go outside of their homes. In the coming years, there were alarming variants (Delta, Omicron) that show the harmful mutation of COVID-19 and its effect on a large population. In 2022, It was seen that the Omicron variant was more devastating than the earlier Delta variant. 

Although the use of face masks can protect the population from both symptomatic and asymptomatic, there are policies framed by different states and countries creating a framework of policies to promote the use of face masks outdoors. Sometimes, the mandates do get challenging as the governments suggest the corporates harness certain guidelines when people visit their trade hubs. For example, shopping centers turned away customers for not wearing face masks. Businesses were somehow impacted strongly at the time of implementation of the mandates.

It was also seen that disposable and cloth masks are working as effectively as N95 masks. The disposable masks are manufactured in such a way that they block the airborne particle or tiny droplets which can increase the spread of this harmful contagion. All precautionary measures like social distancing (6 feet) and quarantine were effective but the use of face masks has been seen as more effective against the spread of the virus. It is protective enforcement carried out by the government to keep the population safe from COVID-19. Vaccine-related mandates were implemented to provide smooth access of an individual from one country to another and one state to another.


Myths associated with face masks

Face masks store harmful bacteria

The disposable face masks are designed to trap airborne particles and tiny droplets of water which can spread the virus from person to person.

Bacteria are mostly present in the nose and mouth area and have a low transmission rate than others. It is not true that face masks store bacteria inside them.

The disposable face mask is designed in such a way that it protects the person from the virus spread. It helped to slow down the spike of virus spread.

Face masks reduce the oxygen level

It is not true at all. Both carbon dioxide and oxygen molecules are tiny and much smaller than water droplets and other airborne particles.

Additionally, human beings can quite adapt to the changing situation. The disposable face masks are designed in such a way to let the tiny oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules pass through the fabric.

People with chronic respiratory issues must consult a doctor before putting on disposable face masks. 

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