Myths Related to Face Masks Debunked
Myths Related to Face Masks Debunked 3

Covering your face or wearing a face mask is important when it comes prevention of the spread of Coronavirus. According to a Stanford Medicine and Yale University study, wearing a surgical face mask over the mouth and nose is an effective method for reducing Coronavirus outbreaks.

The face masks are relatively low-cost and are significantly used as face coverings for rural areas and low-income countries. The promotion of face masks increases the importance of covering your face and the spread of Coronavirus. 

Debunking some of the myths associated with surgical face masks

Face masks protect others, not the person wearing them – Wrong, the surgical face masks protect both the person wearing them and the people surrounding him. The first objective of the mask is to prevent the spread of this deadly virus among the masses. 

Wearing face masks increases the build-up of carbon dioxide if worn for a longer period – There is no scientific argument supporting this statement. The mask keeps the mouth and nose covered all the time and acts as an added protection layer. The CO2 particles are extremely small and can pass through the face masks. 

Social distancing is not essential if you are wearing a face mask – No, it is correct. Social distancing and surgical face masks are a good combination when you go outside and meet people. The masks limit the droplet spread and keep you safe.  Here are some precautions needed to be taken even after wearing masks.

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  • Keeping a physical distance of 6-feet.
  • Limited meeting duration with a small group of people.
  • Wash your hands with soap.
  • Stay home if you are unwell.
  • Do not roam outside unnecessarily if there is nothing important.

No scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of face masks – In a recent article presented by The Lancet from the United Kingdom, brought a review mentioning the importance of wearing a surgical mask. It decreases the transmission of the disease from person to person. 

Masks help people with COVID 19 symptoms – Surgical face masks act as a preventive measure against this deadly virus.  It is useful for everyone even if you do not carry any symptoms. 

Masks should be worn in large gatherings – It is important that if you leave your home and go outside then you need to wear a mask. Surgical masks are to be worn in public places like public transportation, grocery stores, pharmacy, etc. 

Wearing surgical masks weakens your immune system – This statement is not true at all. Wearing a surgical mask reduces the spread of infectious droplets among the general public. Healthcare professionals wear masks for hours and none of them face any complications. 

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Wearing a facial covering can bring about getting pneumonia – This statement is not true as there is no evidence mentioning that masks lead to bacterial and fungal infections. 

COVID-19 is not real so there is no need for masks – One needs to have preventive measures like social distancing and face masks as the risk of attracting this disease is real. 

The outbreak is a piece of fake news by the media – One needs to consume news from reliable sources. The fact is that the outbreak is real and one needs to take preventive measures to avoid this disease. 

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