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Best Buy 3D Mask Pack of 4 ( 100 3d mask)

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The Surgile Surge 3d Mask is ideal for use in both pre and post surgical care and can be used in a variety of care settings including advance practice nursing and medical offices. This surgical mask is soft and comfortable, with soft ear loops that allow for a secure and comfortable fit.

The mask features a double filter that is designed to provide positive air pressure and prevent particles from escaping.

The mask is also constructed with an exclusive Surgile cushion filter that traps 99.9% of particles and provides a comfortable inner surface for patients. Plus, this surgical mask is designed with a shield and a 3D shape for a better fit and a more optimal protection barrier.

Surgical masks help ensure a safe and sanitary environment in any medical facility. They protect against cross contamination and keep patients and staff healthy.

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SURGIL SURGE – Buy 3D Mask for pollution with a flexible ear loop.

Surgile Surge 3D Face Mask can be used by men and women. It covers your nose and mouth easily. You get these in a pack of 25, 50 & 100. This one is an efficient protection gear to protect you from airborne germs and viruses.

It also prevents viruses sneezed from your nose to spread outside. Surgile Surge 3D Mask is a three-layer protection mask with an outer hydrophobic non-woven layer, middle melt-brown layer, and the inner soft-absorbent non-woven layer.

It is dust-proof and fits on your face easily. This 3d mask is comfortable and breathable with an adjustable elastic ear loop.This 3d mask is highly useful in preventing the spread of diseases. It offers much more protection than a normal cloth mask.

It also comes with a nose strip that makes it possible to adjust easily on the nose bridge. The soft, lightweight, and easy-to-wear Surgile Surge 3D Face Mask are an important need of the hour. So Buy 3D Mask Now !

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Additional information

Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 cm

6 reviews for Best Buy 3D Mask Pack of 4 ( 100 3d mask)

  1. Shukla

    Best 3d mask to buy!

  2. Rajeev Kamra

    Very soft ear loops. This is best 3d mask in class. Affordable and secure

  3. graphicpawan7

    Value for Money for these 3D Mask. Best Quality with comfort.

  4. Brajvir Singh

    Best Quality 3D Face Mask in Market.Soft Earloops and very comfortable to wear.

  5. sandeeppaswan15

    Best Quility 3d mask and it is very comfortable to wear.

  6. Shukla

    This mask was very comfortable and lightweight. I can wear it for hours without any issues. It was also very breathable which made the mask feel like it wasn’t there. Although this mask is designed for dry environment, I can use it in the water for about 30 minutes before the mask fogged up.

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