Virus has created havoc around the world and more than 10 million lives have been affected until now due to the spread of the virus. Scientists and experts are spending all their time today in the process of vaccine development for the ultimate relief from the SARS-CoV-2 attack. But, till then medical experts and governments are advising the local population to ensure full safety measures. One of them is wearing surgical masks while interacting with others or going out. It is mainly meant to stop the spread of virus infection among all, mainly the vulnerable ones.

But the million-dollar question is – can face masks or surgical masks help slow the spread of the virus? Till now the answer is yes. The face masks with a combination of preventive measures like frequent hand-washing and social distancing are surely assisting the limited spread of the virus. There are different kinds of masks available in the market and all have their uses. But the surgical masks are the most trusted and comforting product for all.

Studies from all over the world suggest that – “vaccination and wearing a mask reduced the likelihood of coronavirus entering the body through nose and mouth”.

What is a surgical mask?

It is a loose-fitting disposable mask that protects one’s mouth and nose from contact with splashes, sprays, & droplets that may contain the germ. The type of mask is also known as a medical mask as it is mostly used by surgeons and medical people. The mask is also filtering out the large particles in the air and thus, providing all-round protection from any virus attack in your body. Surgical masks are also protecting others by reducing the exposure to the saliva and respiratory secretions of the mask wearer.

The other advantages of surgical masks are as follows –

  • The mask is best for older people and person facing breathing problem with other masks

  • It is easily available in all stores in abundance

  • The price of the masks are very less compared to other kinds of masks

  • The disposed masks can be re-cycled very easily

  • The loose-fitting of the mask provides all the comfort to the wearer

Chances of the virus entering your system are via nose and mouth. The surgical masks prevent large droplets of the body fluids that might contain viruses or other germs. It also protects against splashes and sprays from other people, like those from sneezes and coughs.

Make sure you are buying the surgical mask from a reputed store or manufacturer to ensure full protection from the virus attack. Stay safe and wear a surgical mask during the pandemic.

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