Vitamin Ds Benefits During the Pandemic
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Vitamin D is the most important nutrient that is required by your body to keep your bones strong and your body healthy. It is also known as the sunshine vitamin as it is produced due to the presence of sunlight. When our skin gets exposed to the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays, a chain reaction happens and triggers our body to produce these supportive chemicals.

Although social distancing and the use of face masks is a mandatory norm nowadays, the right amount of essential vitamins keeps your immune system safe against contagion. 

Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption inside the gut. It maintains adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentration to channelize bone mineralization and involuntary contraction of muscles. The other sources of Vitamin D are saltwater fish, egg yolks, fat spread like cheese, margarine, and breakfast cereals.

Many people do not get enough Vitamin D and it is because they are older and their bodies cannot produce the right amount of vitamin D required or they do not eat enough healthy food. Vitamin D helps reduce inflammation and boost immune function.

Vitamin D also helps the human body to defend itself against invading viruses and respiratory infections. A study has shown that low vitamin D levels in an individual are more likely to contract COVID 19 (1.64 times)

Vitamin D is helpful for COVID 19

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The end of the year 2019 saw the advent of Coronavirus, which caused havoc around the world. Since it was a new virus, a few clinical trials were conducted to see the effectiveness of the supplements to suppress the spread of the pandemic.

In some independent research done by Israel and the US, it is seen that boosting vitamin D reduces the severity of the virus if you get affected by the virus. COVID 19 is generally a respiratory infection with a range of symptoms. Vitamin D combats the virus and reduces its severity. 

It is seen that Vitamin D activates the immune cells to produce antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) and defense molecules. Vitamin D even can inactivate influenza and block the viral proteins in the individual’s body. 

Vitamin D sufficiency regulates the thrombotic pathways and reduces the risk of inflammation. It helps to maintain lungs and endothelial function and decreases the severity of COVID 19. Vitamin D maintains physical barriers inside the body and also plays a direct role in the functioning of the lungs. 

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