What role does digital technology play in combating COVID 19
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Starting from 2019, we have seen that digital technology has helped the first responders and the masses in the fight against COVID 19. In today’s time, global connectivity has given us a strong advantage against fighting this pandemic. 

Messages like wearing face masks while going outside and maintaining social distancing reached the general mass with the help of the digital platform.

Digital technology helps us to communicate from one country to another to identify the outbreaks and predict a futuristic plan to control the spread of the virus. We can analyze data from different parts of the world. 

Digital platforms provide trustworthy and timely information about COVID 19. Online platforms were used to connect millions of students and workers to their educational institutions and offices. Digital platforms provide global connectivity and provide a strong advantage against COVID 19.

Digital platforms with data analytics provided clarity and support for operational and clinical decision-making. Real clinical data helped the researchers to develop life-saving face masks and vaccine doses. Contactless biometric systems work as an added benefit by reducing human contact over shared surfaces.

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Better decision making

decision making

Collection and collation of health-related data for pharmacy companies and kit manufacturers helped to create vaccines doses and protective apparel for the first responders.

Data sources from various health organizations have also helped hospitals and other healthcare institutions to understand the contagion surge. 

The unprecedented nature of COVID 19 has brought many changes in the current scenario. Data is a crucial aspect of every economy as well as healthcare division. 

Reliable data helps the government to take rapid measures such as putting restrictive protocols (enforcing lockdowns, quarantine measures, etc) Let’s discuss some of the benefits of data management during the COVID 19 scenario.

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Digital transformation


Technology is a vital element for any business and after the virus outbreak, businesses need technology-related changes to continue in the future.

Businesses need to offer digitally enhanced offerings instead of the physical meet. With a majority of clients moving to online platforms, there is a need to invest in data security too. 

The company’s digital evolution must depend on high-quality data and backup. It improves the customer experience and brings profit to the organization.

Companies nowadays are adopting machine learning, automation, and cloud computing to increase work efficiency and productivity. Digital transformation has helped businesses to flourish and address customer expectations in volatile times.

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