There has been a lot of discussion on whether kids should wear face masks or not. However, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the answer is a resounding yes. Kids over two years old should wear cloth face coverings, especially in a public setting, to help slow the spread of Virus. Only children below two years old are exempted from wearing face masks because of the risk of suffocation.

The coronavirus is largely transmitted through respiratory droplets, so covering the face with the

face mask

will prevent the virus from spreading into the air through a cough or an unexpected sneeze. Because of this (along with social distancing and sanitizing your hands), everyone should wear a face mask for protection – children included. DMB Supply offers a variety of face masks depending on your needs. Here’s how to find out which one is right for your kids.

N95 and KN95 sound similar, so it makes sense if you are wondering what the difference is between the two. Well, just like the N95 masks, KN95 masks are made up of multiple layers of polypropylene plastic polymer with the ability to filter 95% of 0.3-micron particles in the air.

So, how do they differ from the N95? It’s the type of certification granted to them. N95 is the U.S. standard while KN95 is the Chinese standard. However, both are essentially the same in every aspect. As for the question of whether they are suitable for kids: well, of course they are! to buy face mask on amazon, please visit here

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N95 masks are regulated by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Like the KN95 masks, they are made of tough polypropylene fiber that can filter out 95 percent of 0.3+ micron particles.

“N” is a mask rating that stands for “non-oil”. This means that they will be effective as long as there are no oil-based particles present in the environment. Other ratings include “P” or “oil-proof” and “R” or “resistant to oil.” Just like the KN95 masks, N95 masks are also suitable for kids.

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3-ply masks, also called surgical masks or medical masks, are designed for healthcare professionals in surgery and nursing to prevent contamination in the surgical field or healthcare area. It is just as effective as N95 or KN95 respirators in preventing respiratory diseases.

3-ply masks are usually made up of a hydrophobic non-woven layer, a melt-blown layer, and an inner absorbent layer. The outer layer repels any fluids, the middle layer filters to stop the germs, and the inner layer absorbs fluids like spit and sweat. 3-ply masks are also more effective than the disposable 2-ply masks you might often see in stores.

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Children infected with the virus often exhibit very mild to no symptoms at all. Those infected with Virus may unknowingly spread the virus because it is highly contagious despite the symptoms being shown. Children need to wear masks and practice social distancing, just like adults do. However, children below two years old should not wear a mask because, besides the fact that they are too young to understand the dangers, they may also be at risk for suffocation.

Some kids may not like the idea of wearing a mask at all, though, so you need to patiently and properly explain why it is important to wear one nowadays. Meet them at their age and level of understanding, and answer any questions they might have. When buying masks for your children, it would also help to keep an eye out for the ones that they are most comfortable in. Choosing face masks with cute designs may help, too.

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face mask

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