Why 3 Ply Masks are a Meaningful Alternative?
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Face masks of all types are becoming part of the “new normal” The 3-D face masks, disposable masks, N 95 respirators, surgical masks, etc., are used to reduce the spread of COVID-19 from infected hosts via airborne particles and environmental hazards. Let’s first understand why face masks are important when going outdoors. 

A face mask is a product that covers the individual’s nose and mouth and provides protection from harmful pathogens and airborne particles. It can be used by the general public and first responders (healthcare officials) It provides respiratory protection to the wearer from harmful viruses.

Types of Face Masks

  • N95 respirator – It is a respiratory product designed to achieve an efficient facial fit and good filtration. The edges of the respirator are designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth. Some of the respirators come with exhalation valves to make respiration easy from the protective cover and reduce heat build-up. 
  • Surgical mask– It is a loose fit, disposable device that creates a physical barrier for the mouth and nose of the individual. They are not to be shared and can come with or without a face shield. It is meant to protect from large particle droplets transmitted through cough and sneeze. Surgical masks are not intended to be used more than once. 3 ply masks provide a comfortable fit to the individual and at the same time protect him from harmful pathogens.
  • Face shield (exception) – The disposable masks make a lot of sense for the general mass, the face shield reduces your exposure to airborne particles by 90%, in addition, face shields can be easily wiped and sanitized. 
  • Home-made cloth masks – A homemade two-layer cloth mask can generally filter the airborne dust particles and pathogens by 40%. Gator masks are also comfortable but they can’t protect you fully.

Advantages of 3 ply face masks

Advantages of 3 ply face masks
  • Full mouth and nose cover
  • 3-layer protection
  • No latex
  • No fiberglass
  • Comfortable ear loops
  • Breathable fabric

How can one purchase disposable face masks online?

If you are going to purchase from a reputed distributor online, then you need to understand some criteria.

  • The brand name should have a dedicated customer helpdesk, manufacture, and storage hub. 
  • It should have proper ISO 9001 certification, a standard norm that ensures complete accountability and documentation.
  • The company should have an ample supply of face masks and faster shipping partners.
  • There is should be a dedicated helpdesk for after-sale services. The company should be an established business.

The brand name Surgile is dedicated to delivering high-quality disposable 3D/4D masks for medical responders and general buyers. For more information, visit http://surgileonline.com/. 

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