04 Feb 2022

Mandatory Mask Use is Rapidly Becoming a Global Trend

Mandatory Mask Use is Rapidly Becoming a Global Trend
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Since the onset of COVID 19, Disposable face masks have become a necessity in our daily lifestyle. Wearing a face mask helps to control the spread of the virus outdoors and indoor public spaces.

All countries have accepted the merits of wearing a face mask. The views of the first responders and health advisors were taken into consideration and the higher officers. The decision was taken was in favor of the mandatory use of face masks.

People across the world are now wearing face masks (disposable or cloth made) when they are going outdoors. The advent of the pandemic has normalized the use of face masks.

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Places where wearing a face mask is required

safety mask
  • Public transport – Buses, trains, trams, and boat ferries.
  • Railway stations 
  • Bus stations
  • Airports
  • Sports stadiums and entertainment arenas
  • Contact-based industries  – Message parlors, hair salons, and beauty parlors.
  • Educational institutions – Schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Busy outdoors – Markets and shopping streets.
  • Workplaces and manufacturing hubs.
  • Entertainment hubs – Shopping malls, multiplexes, and restaurants
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, clinics, and medicine stores.
  • Religious places and community centers.

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Countries that have mandatory rules regarding the use of face masks

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In an attempt to curb the spread of Corona-virus, many countries have made the use of face masks mandatory in public. From free masks to imposing fines, a variety of precautionary measures have been taken in different countries to control the spread of the virus.

Venezuela was one of the first countries to impose mandatory use of face masks in public indoors and outdoors.

The Czech Republic also made face masks mandatory in supermarkets, pharmacies, and public transport. South Korea also made it mandatory for its citizens to wear face masks when going outside or using public transportation.

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Countries like Colombia and Austria have made face masks mandatory in public places. Even Chilean President Sebastian Pinera was fined due to non-compliance with COVID protocols. Wearing a face mask is also mandatory in Honduras.

Mediterranean countries like UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Saudi Arabia maintains strict norms regarding COVID protocols.

Countries like India, South Africa, Chile, and Morocco had also imposed severe fines for citizens flouting COVID protocols.

There are even jail terms announced in countries like Kuwait and Qatar if COVID protocols are flouted. 

Many countries have launched media campaigns through social media as well as televised mediums to encourage the use of disposable face masks.

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11 Jan 2021
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Which Face Mask is Best for Kids: KN95, N95, or 3-Ply Masks?

There has been a lot of discussion on whether kids should wear face masks or not. However, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the answer is a resounding yes. Kids over two years old should wear cloth face coverings, especially in a public setting, to help slow the spread of Virus. Only children below two years old are exempted from wearing face masks because of the risk of suffocation.

The coronavirus is largely transmitted through respiratory droplets, so covering the face with the

face mask

will prevent the virus from spreading into the air through a cough or an unexpected sneeze. Because of this (along with social distancing and sanitizing your hands), everyone should wear a face mask for protection – children included. DMB Supply offers a variety of face masks depending on your needs. Here’s how to find out which one is right for your kids.

N95 and KN95 sound similar, so it makes sense if you are wondering what the difference is between the two. Well, just like the N95 masks, KN95 masks are made up of multiple layers of polypropylene plastic polymer with the ability to filter 95% of 0.3-micron particles in the air.

So, how do they differ from the N95? It’s the type of certification granted to them. N95 is the U.S. standard while KN95 is the Chinese standard. However, both are essentially the same in every aspect. As for the question of whether they are suitable for kids: well, of course they are! to buy face mask on amazon, please visit here

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N95 masks are regulated by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Like the KN95 masks, they are made of tough polypropylene fiber that can filter out 95 percent of 0.3+ micron particles.

“N” is a mask rating that stands for “non-oil”. This means that they will be effective as long as there are no oil-based particles present in the environment. Other ratings include “P” or “oil-proof” and “R” or “resistant to oil.” Just like the KN95 masks, N95 masks are also suitable for kids.

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3-ply masks, also called surgical masks or medical masks, are designed for healthcare professionals in surgery and nursing to prevent contamination in the surgical field or healthcare area. It is just as effective as N95 or KN95 respirators in preventing respiratory diseases.

3-ply masks are usually made up of a hydrophobic non-woven layer, a melt-blown layer, and an inner absorbent layer. The outer layer repels any fluids, the middle layer filters to stop the germs, and the inner layer absorbs fluids like spit and sweat. 3-ply masks are also more effective than the disposable 2-ply masks you might often see in stores.

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Children infected with the virus often exhibit very mild to no symptoms at all. Those infected with Virus may unknowingly spread the virus because it is highly contagious despite the symptoms being shown. Children need to wear masks and practice social distancing, just like adults do. However, children below two years old should not wear a mask because, besides the fact that they are too young to understand the dangers, they may also be at risk for suffocation.

Some kids may not like the idea of wearing a mask at all, though, so you need to patiently and properly explain why it is important to wear one nowadays. Meet them at their age and level of understanding, and answer any questions they might have. When buying masks for your children, it would also help to keep an eye out for the ones that they are most comfortable in. Choosing face masks with cute designs may help, too.

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19 Dec 2020
3ply Surgical Mask

Act Smart and Wear Surgical Masks every time Away from Home

SAVE Yourself. STOP the Virus Spread. Wear Surgical Masks for Full-Proof Protection

Pandemic has exposed the vulnerability in our health systems and many other aspects of life. Till the vaccine comes out in the market for use, we need to be careful about the virus attack and take all the necessary steps in the prevention of virus spread. With face masks and social distancing measures, much of the pandemic spread can be stalled in a quick time.

Recent studies suggest that surgical masks are one of the best safety kits in our fight against the virus. It helps prevent transmission – even if an infected wearer is in close contact with others. The medical experts are emphasizing “ample evidence” of asymptomatic spread and highlighting new studies showing how surgical masks help reduce transmission. Researchers from around the world have found many different kinds of surgical masks to reduce the spread of coronavirus, through new studies. It is also suggested that the use the masks doesn’t eliminate the use of frequent hand washing and social distancing.

Some of the other notable features of surgical masks are as follows –

  • The type of mask has passed all the medical tests and examinations for attaining the highest standard

  • It is less costly than other kinds of masks available in the market

  • The mask can be easily disposed of after the use

  • The masked are double or triple layered to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets

Researchers believe that the most effective masks are ones with several layers and that fit snugly around the face. The surgical mask fulfills all the requirements to prevent the virus from entering your nose or mouth through the air. If you ask any medical expert today about the effectiveness of surgical masks, they will give their nod for the use of masks in every case. But make sure the mask needs to be bought from a trusted manufacturer for the best products.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected millions around the world and we should be more careful than ever for ourselves and the family. We should be doing anything that risks the lives of our friends and loved ones. While traveling out, it is advisable to wear a mask to reduce the chances of getting affected by the virus. Use surgical masks and stay safe from the virus! It is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus all over the world.

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19 Dec 2020
3ply Surgical Mask

Surgical Face Masks – Your Safety Kit during Pandemic

Virus has created havoc around the world and more than 10 million lives have been affected until now due to the spread of the virus. Scientists and experts are spending all their time today in the process of vaccine development for the ultimate relief from the SARS-CoV-2 attack. But, till then medical experts and governments are advising the local population to ensure full safety measures. One of them is wearing surgical masks while interacting with others or going out. It is mainly meant to stop the spread of virus infection among all, mainly the vulnerable ones.

But the million-dollar question is – can face masks or surgical masks help slow the spread of the virus? Till now the answer is yes. The face masks with a combination of preventive measures like frequent hand-washing and social distancing are surely assisting the limited spread of the virus. There are different kinds of masks available in the market and all have their uses. But the surgical masks are the most trusted and comforting product for all.

Studies from all over the world suggest that – “vaccination and wearing a mask reduced the likelihood of coronavirus entering the body through nose and mouth”.

What is a surgical mask?

It is a loose-fitting disposable mask that protects one’s mouth and nose from contact with splashes, sprays, & droplets that may contain the germ. The type of mask is also known as a medical mask as it is mostly used by surgeons and medical people. The mask is also filtering out the large particles in the air and thus, providing all-round protection from any virus attack in your body. Surgical masks are also protecting others by reducing the exposure to the saliva and respiratory secretions of the mask wearer.

The other advantages of surgical masks are as follows –

  • The mask is best for older people and person facing breathing problem with other masks

  • It is easily available in all stores in abundance

  • The price of the masks are very less compared to other kinds of masks

  • The disposed masks can be re-cycled very easily

  • The loose-fitting of the mask provides all the comfort to the wearer

Chances of the virus entering your system are via nose and mouth. The surgical masks prevent large droplets of the body fluids that might contain viruses or other germs. It also protects against splashes and sprays from other people, like those from sneezes and coughs.

Make sure you are buying the surgical mask from a reputed store or manufacturer to ensure full protection from the virus attack. Stay safe and wear a surgical mask during the pandemic.

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19 Dec 2020
3ply Surgical Facemask

Best Tips to Encourage Your Child Wear a Face Mask

Being responsible parents, we must be all worried about our kids in the pandemic period. Wearing a face mask is very crucial to alter the effects of the virus and stop the spread of Virus.

There will be different kinds of noticeable changes as we adjust to life during the coronavirus pandemic. One such change is the wearing of face masks or coverings. Cloth face coverings help reduce the chances of spreading viruses through respiratory droplets or the spray of saliva. For families in the location where social distancing of at least 6 apart is not an option, a face covering is recommended to prevent the spread of the virus.

Children thrive on routines and this change of wearing masks regularly can be unsettling for them. For many parents, getting their child to wear a face mask when going out can be a challenge. Kids are active and tend to be fidgety – and wearing a mask can be an adjustment for anyone. It will take a little bit of talking and practice to ensure that they wear masks when needed!

How to inspire my child to wear face masks during the pandemic?

The virus spreads from person-to-person through respiratory droplets from coughing, sneezing, or talking. A mask or cloth face cover acts as a barrier to help prevent the spread of those respiratory droplets. The cloth face masks are most effective at preventing the spread virus when they are used widely by people in public.

1. Educate your child on why wearing a face mask is important to prevent the spread of the virus. Take the help of stories and visual scenarios to make your child understand the importance of wearing masks.

2. Normalize the use of face masks through play. Kids learn through play and it helps them process their feelings. Give your child a mask of their favourite stuffed material or practice putting the mask on their toy. Consider having your child practice wearing the mask with the toy to normalize the situation.

3. Provide fun and colours to the mask option. Provide kid-friendly patterns and options to your child. Look for cloth masks that feature your child’s favourite character or colour. You can also help your child to choose a design and that they feel part of the process.

4. Make sure that your kid’s mask fits correctly and comfortably to prevent them from fidgeting with it. A cloth face cover should fit over the child’s nose & mouth and be secured under the chin. Adjust the mask’s fit to avoid any gaps on the sides.

The child might not want to wear a mask and you might have a hard time keeping in on their face. But with little effort and talking with the kids can change their minds. Try getting involved with the kids through fun play to make them understand the importance of masks in today’s time. It is all about practice and after a few day’s your children will be wearing the mask on their own without any effort.

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14 Dec 2020
3ply Surgical Facemask

Use disposable masks and Stay Protect from the Virus

Disposable masks – Prevention is better than Cure.

Todays time has created havoc in the world and wearing a mask is said to be the most effective procedure to stop the virus spread. Health authorities are suggesting to wear masks whenever going out for work or even if you are staying at home & facing mild symptoms of flu and fever. The disposable masks are the surgical masks famous for use by doctors and nurses. As the name suggests, disposable masks were made in the initial days for surgeons and health specialists. But they are can be used by all today as the masks are meant for one-time use.

The surgical masks were developed to contain and filter droplets containing microorganisms expelled from one’s mouth and provide healthcare workers during the surgery. The Coronavirus pandemic breakout has increased the demand & the use of masks and surgical masks has become one of the top choices.

Commendable features of disposable masks are –

  1. It prevents any kind of virus attack in your body and stops the spread of the virus.
  1. It can be found at all places, online stores, and local medical stores.
  1. It is one of the cost-effective masks that can be availed of or bought by all.
  1. It can be disposed of very easily and make sure it is done correctly.
  1. It is made of material perfect for stopping the entry of the virus into your lungs.

The virus is one of the powerful viruses that our world has encountered and the rate at which it spread is tremendous. The virus can survive, when left exposed, between a few hours to a few days. The population around the world should be using surgical masks all the time when going out in the infected places. If not infected too, it is advisable to wear masks all the time when going out. The infected masks have respiratory secretions on them and can be dispersed and transmitted through the air. So, please be sensitive. Always wash your hands before and after taking off the mask.

Health workers are using disposable masks most effectively. They use it in their workspace and disposes of carefully after use in a correct manner. Due to its price convenience, the mask now is preferred by many, but our advice will be to make sure that it should be disposed of effectively for preventing any spread of the virus in your homes and locality.

Are you having breathing problems and want something that ensures easy breathing? Surgical masks are one of the most comfortable masks to wear and access in the pandemic for a longer period. Strictly, the disposable masks need to be disposed of at the correct place, but in case of severe emergency use it a few times as a last-resort measure.

Do not risk your life or family in the pandemic time wearing a normal type of mask? Use disposable masks and stay protected from outside virus attacks in your area. For Public Advice as per WHO visit here.

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14 Dec 2020
3ply Surgical Facemask

Essential Qualities Important for an Effective Surgical Face Mask


Pandemic has made us more aware to be safe from dirt and stay hygienic. The danger is far from over yet and we need to keep the guards up to prevent any kind of mishap. Use surgical face masks all the time when outside so that you do not return with virus infection in your body. The face mask is one of the most vital protection kits that can prevent the spread of contamination.

It is important to recognize that the optimal way to prevent airborne transmission is to use a combination of interventions from across the hierarchy of controls, not just PPE alone. Surgical masks are one of the best things that can protect you from any attack. The virus is attacking mainly through the respiratory system and thus the first thing needs to be preventing the inhalation of the virus in our lungs. The face mask does the job brilliantly.

But there are multiple kinds of face masks available in the market. Be smart and use only surgical masks as it has multiple qualities. Medical experts too suggest using the surgical masks for all times and dispose of it easily after a few uses.

Here are the essential qualities of a good surgical mask –

Sewn or not sewn

When used in an effective manner, both sewn and non-sewn provides the desired protection. A surgical mask can be sewn or non-sewn as per the need. If in a hurry, a non-sewn mask is also effective.


The surgical masks are made with two layers of tightly-woven fabric. The surgical masks having a high thread count can be selected as per the need as it keeps you from inhaling the respiratory droplets while still allowing comfortable breathing.


The surgical masks are the best ones to fit in most effectively out in the public. Also, the masks can be worn for a longer time than other masks. Breathing is comfortable in the masks even for aged people.


The masks are much less costly than other types of masks having a filter. These are disposable masks that need not be used after a few times.

Make sure you have your surgical mask ready every time you are planning to go out. Stay safe and keep your family face by taking the necessary protection against virus attacks. Buy the surgical masks in abundance so that you can use it any time needed to visit the outside world.

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